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HriMa Red Tent Priestess Training in Goa 5.1.-11.1.2020

There are red tents 🔺all over the world. They are places where women meet to share their inner knowledge, their heartfelt importance, their wisdom, beauty, power, vulnerability and tenderness.

Places where women retire during menstruation to strengthen, nourish, and celebrate (and rest together), and places beyond, which are simply nourishing, precious and soothing places of women, bringing us back to our natural power and wisdom that enable us to meet each other in appreciation, and that help us to go into the world in a new, powerful way and to sing our very own song, united with us, knowing our interconnectedness with other women. In this sense, all days are like a compact training

In this training in beautiful Arambol, in Goa we will dive deep into topics around "Feminine living".

If you want to approach yourself with openness and joy and explore which woman you really are, what femininity means to you and what you want to convey from the newly experienced to your work, your ministry and your life, then you should be heartily welcome.

We dive deep - bringing to the surface treasures that can transform your way of living and working deeply powerfully and beneficially.

In the gatherings you will get to know different ways, which you can also use and pass on in your work with individuals and groups. So you get tools for encounter and conversation, body, mindfulness and perception exercises (arriving in your own body, consciously and presently felt in your own body, anchoring yourself, connectedness between heaven and earth, a positive relationship to your own femininity, beauty and the developing one's own body, etc.), ways of exploring one's own female cycle and developing a loving, nourishing relationship with it, as well as approaches to inner wisdom and one's inner knowledge.

We will continue to work with creative writing and painting, healing rituals, heart and power songs, sounding, thresholds and times in nature, working with picture cards and plant helpers, the frame drum, times of silence and mindful exchanges in a supporting women's circle, who is traveling together for the time of this compact training.

You will also receive a wealth of background knowledge, impulses and inspirations, as well as hands-on exercises that you can use to value and integrate in your life as well as in your work.

For which women is the gathering in the red tent suitable?


For women who (want to) work with women - whether as coaches, lecturers, management women, educators, psychologists, therapists, counselors, in women's circles and spaces or in adult education


For you as a woman, if you want to delve deeply into the subject of femininity and explore it in your own life in order to pass it on, for example into your work


For you as a woman, if you want to study and live the themes of femininity, beauty, appreciation, female cycle, cyclic, and explore and remember the memory of your own medicine and inner knowingness


For you as a woman, if you want to feel (or feel better) in your womanhood and explore and live a new approach to yourself


For you as a woman, if you wish to be connected with you, to stand in your life clearly, rooted and aware, because you know what makes you personally like you as a woman, what you have to give and what you are worth


And also for you as a woman in or after the menopause, because the compact education covers so many topics more than just the menstruation, female life as such is cyclical (also independent of the menstruation) and you are invited at the same time, your knowledge and your experiences to take from your years of life in our circle and later perhaps to other women soothingly and valuable to pass

Offering: 650 €

Including: Pujas, fruits, vegan snacks, chai, manual, certification and a lot of 💗 trips to the goddess temple

Excluding: flights, accommodation, dinner, lunch’s

We will help you with accommodations and flights if you need! For more information and any questions please connect with us.

Book your space now to get one of the limited 10 seats at this life time experience in India!

We look so forward to meet you! ♥️ or

0049 152 22699546

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